Learning Support

Student Accommodation Request

Current student process for receiving formalized accommodations:

The Office of Learning Support provides formal accommodation and learning plan services to students who submit documentation indicating a learning difference, ADHD or psychiatric diagnosis which functionally impacts the ability to learn. The Director of Learning Support reviews and processes documentation received during the school year within 2 weeks of receipt.
Appropriate documentation may include: psycho-educational report, neuropsychological report, medical report, psychiatric report. All documentation must be drafted and signed by a licensed clinician who has worked with and/or is treating the student.
Family/School Collaboration:
After supporting documentation is submitted to the Director of Learning Support for review, the OLS Director will:
  • Contact the student and guardians for initial Learning Support and Learning Plan review meeting 
  • Create individualized student learning plan to be reviewed at initial meeting **Not all accommodations which are recommended in supporting documentation may be included in the student learning plan**
  • Explain the support available through Learning Support
  • Arrange and facilitate meetings to discuss student’s educational plan, as necessary 
  • Coordinate reasonable accommodations such as extended time on exams at Priory
  • When appropriate, initiate and support the process of applying for accommodations on high-stakes testing; College Board (SAT) and ACT

Prospective Students

Documentation should be provided to the admissions team during the application process.  All submitted documentation will be read prior to the beginning of the student’s enrollment at Priory. Family/School Collaboration will be held in August prior to your first year of enrollment.
Please contact for more information about applying to the Priory.

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